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Apocalyptic Calendar

April 22



The Last Artwork, Kunsthalle 8000, Wädenswil (CH)

16.12. 2023 - August 2024, curated by Lori Hersberger und Mitchell Anderson  

Midissage April 20, 18-22h

The timeliest video: Autostop, 2022 ("Love this piece!", Chip Lord, Ant Farm)
The latest video:  Death Don't Have No Mercy, 2022

Recent works:

Collected Collages from H.A.'s Record Collection (2022)

Climate Art (2018-2024)

Getting To The Point. (2019)


Upcoming publication: 

Autumn Moon, the High Sierra from Glacier Point, revisited



Background images from: Voyages Apocalyptiques, since 1994, ongoing